Waunifor Centre

Living Templates For The Future

In the creation of this exhibition of self portraits by the café process gallery the emphasis has been very searching, less on “here I am” and more on “who am I?” and from the beginning the process has been thought provoking and challenging. How do we view our essential selfness?
In putting together the About Us for this new website, this question was put to some of those who are engaged in the work we do here. The results are a collection of short experimental recordings that give an impression rather than an explanation.
What does it mean living templates for the future? Templates exist everywhere in life. As ages come and go it is clear to see that certain religions, thinkers or scientists have influenced the core values of the time and in a way put together templates for living that have informed the lives of all born at that time. As we move into the future, what underlying Template of core values will sustain and nourish future generations?
Pictures from the recent event.