Saturday afternoons at Waunifor

Autumn Talks and Art Workshops

You are invited to a collection of talks and experimental art workshops offered by volunteers and members of the Waunifor Centre community. These will take place on Saturday afternoons, throughout the autumn, and will be held at Waunifor in either the café or the main house, beginning at 2 pm. There will be a charge of £5 for the talks, and £15 for the art workshops (which will include all art materials as well as tea/coffee). Concessions for students and over 6os are available for the art workshops (£12). Talks vary in time, approx. 1 hour and then time for questions, and workshops approx. 3 hours with a break in the middle. Please ring 01559 395437 to book the art workshops as they have limited places.

The Joy of Patterns – October 20th Art Workshop with Jackie Henshall and Viv Mullett

In this painting workshop we will explore the creation of new patterns based on the geometry of number as well as simple organic forms. Using a variety of techniques, we will go on a journey to find those patterns that speak most directly to ourselves. We will create paintings to describe the world around us and within us that are full to the brim with our love of patterns.

Originally trained as a painter, Jackie Henshall established Small Beauties, an international art business set up to design and produce decorative papers for use by artists and crafters, as well as prints and greeting cards, continually taking what she saw in nature and transforming it into sheets of pattern. More recently she has begun to work in the media of glass, creating fused glass landscapes, bowls and sculptures which can be seen in galleries in West Wales.

Viv Mullett’s interest in pattern began as an art student in the early 1970’s, when studying Islamic patterns with some fellow students. Looking around, she found that patterns also existed in the natural worlds, and saw that the way things grow and form up seems to conform to numerical laws that also apply on a universal scale, something that certain philosophers and mathematicians have understood from ancient times. Number and the way nature organizes itself have fascinated her ever since.

The Appearance of Intelligence from the Future through the Arts - October 20th with James Smith.

James is fascinated with understanding the story of how intelligence appears from the future through the arts (theatre, drawing, literature, painting and dance). What do these understandings propose for each life that searches for new artistic expression now? For example, how does a person attune themselves to new appearance? How can the noises be filtered out? This presentation is a journey of discovery touching on many areas to see what new intelligence from the future is appearing now.

James Smith is a futurist and intensely interested in the appearance of new intelligence from the future and what this proposes for human development. He takes a novel approach in understanding how the human systems work to access inner intelligence and how different people have done this through the ages. New approaches are needed to explore the mystery of what works now and what this might propose for the future. James holds the following professional qualifications: Eur Ing, CEnv FIEMA, CEng FIMechE, MCQI CQP

Hidden Wisdom in Renaissance Art – October 27th with Martin Pilkington

The period of the Renaissance was a special crucible of change in human history. It marked a major leap forward in science, commerce, philosophy and art. Out of this era came extraordinary artwork that has intrigued scholars and searchers alike. Hidden messages were coded into the artwork inspired by Hermetic and Platonic influences fueling much philosophical speculation in the following centuries through to the modern era. This talk explores Renaissance artwork and some of the hidden messages within it, to draw out and expand upon the original philosophical and esoteric meanings.

Martin Pilkington has travelled extensively on business around the world and during his travels he has investigated different aspects of philosophy and mythology. His interest in Renaissance Art stems from spending a number of years in Italy and being inspired by the art and the ancient Platonic and Hermetic wisdom that inspired the paintings and architecture.

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine - November 3rd with Eva Skalla and Joan Franclova.

A fascinating pictorial journey through the many goddesses of the world, looking at Marian apparitions, Japanese priestesses and mother goddesses from Peru to Crete. What do they have in common and what do they tell us for today about the magic of being feminine.

Joan Franclova has studied comparative religion, philosophy, world history and the arts for many years, and has a particular interest in gender studies, with reference to spirituality.

Eva Skalla has had a lifelong interest in religion, with reference to the feminine gender, and through her career in world music, has travelled the world, meeting with remote tribes and visiting spiritual masters, in pursuit of the sacred feminine.

Meditation through Word Art – November 10th, Art Workshop with Clare Zeevi and Sally Hayes

This meditation/art workshop will be an opportunity to gather your thoughts and feelings about what qualities you want to live in the world, in others and in yourself. The words you choose will be woven over and over again with fine pencils and crayons, interlacing and interlocking until a finished piece emerges, powerful both as an artwork and as a petition or self mark.

Clare Zeevi has had an abiding interest in the arts for many years, and combines this with the greatest art of all, the exploration of the art of living a throughout, connected life.

Sally Hayes taught English for twenty years in London Secondary Schools, specialising in poetry and creative writing. When she stopped teaching, she started writing for pleasure and had time to start reading in earnest. She loves the different times of day and evening and their different atmospheres. She writes about time, the minute by minute of the way we live our lives and the fleeting span of a human life set in the billions of years of the planet’s lifetime.

The Art of the Doodle – November 17th Art Workshop with Sally Hayes and Jackie Henshall

This art workshop is a dwelling experiment where we let our pen travel as it chooses without much thought, whilst listening to different pieces of music as well as several contemplations about space and time. Using coloured pens and pencils, we will attempt to create a space and a time where something new can appear not only on the paper we are doodling, but in ourselves.

See previous write ups of Sally Hayes in Meditation through Word Art, and Jackie Henshall in the Joy of Patterns workshops

Wellbeing through Nature – December 1st with Kirsti Sivyer and Judie Coull

This is a lively and practical exploration into the living worlds of nature. We will be exploring the different frequencies of plants, trees, colours and the elements and how these can enhance our wellbeing and we will be discovering through our own senses which ones can enliven us when we are tired, or calm us when stressed or even stimulate our creativity. Do our attitudes and values influence the energy flow between ourselves and the natural worlds? Everything in nature is alive, and interconnected. This workshop is about how to become a more conscious part of this web of life and perhaps join more fully the reality of how sacred this journey on planet earth can really be.

Kirsti Sivyer and Judie Coull both have a life-long love of nature and its healing properties, as well a practical involvement in spiritual growth. Judie is a practising energy healer and homeopath, having an affinity with plants since very young and is part of an international research fellowship into Wellbeing Sciences. She has offered many healing workshops and presentations. Kirsti has an MA in Moral Philosophy, with a love of natural values, and is a Bach Flower Practitioner. She has conducted special walks in nature, as well as given lectures and workshops both in the UK and Australia over many years. She is also a keen gardener, with an ongoing interest in creating healing ecologies.